EDUCATION - screen printing workshop - TZ's fauna & flora

Introduction to screenprinting.

2 sessions of 2:30 hours.

First session:

  • Introduction

What is a printmaking?


To do what?

Medium: paper/wood/textile

Different types of prints



  • Researches on a specific topic (by grade) for observation drawing

CP fishes of Tanzania

CE1 shelves of Tanzania

CE2 insects and butterflies of Tanzania

CM1 corals and seaweeds of Tanzania

CM2 trees of Tanzania

  • Sketches drawing with pencil

  • Matrix with black marker pen

  • And transfer on tracing paper to create the typon (final drawing to be printed)

Second session

Different steps from the drawing to printing.

Drawn inventory of supplies needed - new vocabulary.

  • typon

  • chassis ou cadre de bois

  • maille ou soie

  • photo-émulsion

  • écran

  • râcle

  • table d’insolation

  • développement

Comic strip about the steps of screen printing