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“One day there will be a place for us, a place called home”. 

– PJ Harvey –

Home is a departure. Change is a beginning.

By essence, we are not born to live enclosed in one identity and in a way, the idea of the self is a dellusion as the construction of one’s personnality is evolving through encounters to become a synthesis of what has been given, received and taken. But if we elevate the debate, in reality, what we call identity is not essential if we are all passers-by.

For children, the curiosity is inate and should be fed all along the life. Nothing should impede the will to know and discover. But when we grow up, breaks and set ideas start to hold up the impulse to venture into the unknown and the undiscovered. It is as if something powerful and frightening inhibits our aim to go for something different when nothing is as constant as change.

Migratory flux is a metaphor of the inner travel to the other in the personal construction of self. A culture, similar to an individual is naturally evolving and enriching in the contact of others. But the more we close the borders, the more people will settle. The more we open them, the more we free the natural circulation of migration and the possibility to rise.

But we have to be conscious of the complexity of our modernity because to live with others supposes shared origins in vulnerability. This vulnerability has to be understood as a way to weave links and create solidarity, not to destroy. The history we have been given relies on ignorance, omissions and failures. Now we have to stitch all those discontinuities and breaches to create a common world, however fragile and precarious it may be – that depends on the will, choice, imagination and creativity of humanity.

Despite growing demonstrations of protectionism, nationalism and racism, there will always be only one world. We are all interested parties and it is time to redefine what is common between us. I am, you are, we are… travelers, still on the way, we do not know when we will arrive. Change is our home, change is THE beginning. And the reality of our new community with the same destiny will overcome the cult of difference.


– Delphine Buysse –

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